Born: October 17, 1749, St. Helier
Died: April 10, 1834, Liverpool, NS, CA
Buried: (April 3, 1834, Easter Sunday, he preached his last sermon at Old Zion Congregational Church and one week later, April 10, he died at age of 85 years after serving for over 40 years as pastor. He was laid to rest besides his wife and daughter in the Old Zion Church Cemetery in Liverpool. At his death, Rev. J.T. Moody, second rector of Trinity Church, Liverpool, NS, was the officiating clergyman.)

Married: 1774
Wife: Mary Alline (1753 - January 1, 1835), daughter of William and Rebecca (Clark) Alline of Boston, MA and Newport, RI.

Elizabeth (Payzant) Briggs (1775 - November 1815 in childbirth), Husband William Briggs
Son: Henry Payzant (October 27, 1777 - 16 Aug 1862)
John Payzant (July 9, 1786 - September 12, 1862)
William Payzant (January 2, 1808 - 13 Dec 1868)
Joseph Payzant (1783 - May 16, 1846), married (March 5, 1807) at Liverpool, NS, Hannah Freeman. (Joseph and Hannah were portrayed as benefactors of a Yankee waif in an 19th century novel entitled "Tan Pile Jim." They took two children to bring up as their own, James Bull and Priscilla Freeman, who married each other when they grew up).
Thomas Payzant (1785, Falmouth NS - ?) .unm
Charles Payzant (September 15, 1791 - 11 March 1873)
Son: Stephen Octavius (January 1, 1794 - 14 Dec 1871)

Father: Louis Paisant, merchant in St. Pierre section of Caen
Mother: Marguerite-Anne Manson (sic), married August 9, 1723

Notes: He was the beloved pastor of Old Zion Congregational Church for over 40 years. During his youth and while living in the family home at Falmouth, he met and married Mary whose parents held the adjoining homestead, and whose brother (Mary's), Rev. Henry Alline, was known as the "Whitefield of Nova Scotia."