Husband: Lewis Francis Hammond

Married: October 14, 1875 (Lockport ?)




Notes: From a Christmas Card from Ronald and Helen O'Brien

"My sister Eileen came down monday and went to work at B.U. and left at 11. I had a nece visit. She brought out our grandmother's Bible.

December 25, 1887 - Margaret McDonald Hornwood? and Lewis F. Hammond

"The Holy Bible according to the Dauway and Rhemise Version"

They were married Lewis F. Hammond / Margaret McDonald at Lockport / 14th day of October 1875 by Rev. O'connor in the presence of John (poor wiriting here Haney, Traney, Franey) + Mrs. (Haney, Traney, or Franey). The penmanship (in the Bible) is excellent. They were the pen and ink - then I guess - Family Register.

Catherine M. Hammond and Joseph F. Deering, Nov. 24, 1904

Did not enter rest of family.

Births (inks fading - using magnifying glass)

First baby born July 18, 1876 (Stillborn)

Catherine Margaret (the word margaret is circled and Marilla put in parenthesis here) Hammond Dec. 6, 1877

John Alexander Hammond Mar. 28, 1880

Ronnie Rowena Hammond Jan. 18, 1882

Leonidas Hammond Jan. 29, 1884

Lewis Montcalm December 25, 1887

Lewis F. Hammond died April 7, 1909

"Our grandfather may have died from poisoning. One had a bad planting potatoes in April infected with Poris Green."

Catherine Deering died May 26, 1967

Ronnie OB Brenner May 1, 1966

Some pressed flowers in pages

Grand Parents

Ronald McDonnald died (the word died is circles and born put in parenthesis here) Feb. 4, 1825

Ronald McDonnald died at sea Nov. 23, 1874

Some of others died at PEI (Prince Edward Island) and East Boston


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