Born: October 25, 1814, Jordan River, NS, CA
Died: December 23, 1891
Buried: Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett, MA, beside his wife

Note in Hammond Family Bible - "Our Grandfather (John D. Hammond) may have died from poisoning. One had a bad planting potatoes in April, infected with Poris Green."

Science Note: While "green" potatoes do contain Solanine (toxic) it is unlikely that an adult could eat enough affected potatoes to cause death. The greatest risk is to infants. The term "Poris Green" is the old name for arsenic in a compound that was developed as a pigment in paint, wallpaper, and fabric. It is lethal, especially in small children (eating wallpaper torn from walls). It is now illegal to use this product.

Married: February 14, 1839

Wife: Amelia (Payzant) Hammond

Parents: John Payzant (July 9, 1786, Falmouth, NS - September 12, 1862, Liverpool, NS), and Salome Freeman (May 29, 1788 - November 27, 1852). John, married (September 1, 1808) by his father Rev. John Payzant, first lived at Pleasant River, then moved to Beech Hill on the land grant where he developed a farm and a flourishing saw-mill. He also carried on a tanning business.

Son: Edward Hammond (November 24, 1839 - ?)
Daughter: Helen Marr (Hammond) Freeman (January 19, 1842 - 1918) Jordan River, NS., Married Freeman Hardy (March 27, 1864), no children, Resided in Allendale.
Son: William Alfred Hammond (January 29, 1845 - ?)
Son: Andrew J. Hammond (February 1847 - April 1896) Jordan River, NS, CA, Married Martha H. Kempton (March 1876, who was the daughter of Joseph and Mary Gorham (October 1, 1850 - ?)), no children, buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, he was a Carpenter.
Daughter: Salome Hammond (July 12, 1849 - ?)
Son: Lewis Timothy Nugent Hammond
Margaretta Hammond (September 11, 1854 - ?)
Son: John Alexander (October 1855 - November 19, 1872) Jordan River, NS, CA, was shot accidentally.
Son: Joseph Payzant Hammond (November 23, 1858 - ?) Jordan River, NS, CA, was also shot accidentally while duck hunting.


Hammond Family Bible Information

Payzant and Hammond family information largely comes from:
Payzant, Marion M., The Payzant and Allied Jess and Juhan Families in North America, Semline Inc. Braintree, MA, 1970