Born: August 30, 1877, Blandford, NS
Died: August 5, 1953, Blandford, NS


Wife: Bessie Lewis

Norman Annis Gates, Married to (?)
Grandchildren: Lee (4 years younger than Judy)
                       Judith Mary Gates, married Richard Willard Rieboldt (August Wedding) 1962
                           She is a graduate of Whittier College (Whittier Ca.) and was a school teacher in LaHabra, Ca.
                           Will make their home in Long Beach, Ca. (From Engagement Announcement on file)

Brother: Emrick Paul Gates Born: September 28, 1880, Blandford, Lun, NS Died: June 00, 1964 - hospital infection
            Married: Nellie Elizabeth Porter, from Cochituat, MA
Brother: Heman Eli Gates Born: January 10, 1882, Blandford, Lun, NS Died
            Married: Pheobe Publicover

Father: James Alfred Gates
Mother: Elizabeth (Sarah) Dorey November 28, 1876, Lunenburg NS

Born: December 11, 1848, Lunenburg, Lunenburg NS
Christened: April 6, 1849, Lunenburg, Lunenburg NS
Died: July 29, 1939 (Prob. Lunenburg, Lunenburg NS)

Notes: Elizabeth Sarah Dorey
Her original family name was De Arrs, then Dares, and finally Dorey (or Dores). The Great Great Great Grandfather of Sarah was a deserter from a French wine ship somewhere near Halifax, N.S. Joe Dorey, grandfather of Sarah, married a Morash.

Occupation: Doctor

LKA: Mrs. Ira N. Gates
Wesley Gardens
Demoin, Wasington 98106