Born: May 1, 1916, Acton, MA
Died: February 9, 2002, Ayer, MA (Nashoba Hospital)
Shirley Village Cemetery, Shirley, Ma, beside her husband Joseph Lewis Deering

Married: January 20, 1940, Acton, Ma, in the home of her brother, Dr. Paul Porter Gates, Chief Surgeon and 1st President of Emerson Hospital, Concord, MA
Joseph L. Deering and Esther E. Gates were married by Rev. Arthur H. Wilde.
Husband: Joseph Lewis Deering
Son: Ronald Joseph Deering
Son: James Porter Deering

Father: Emrick Paul Gates
Mother: Nellie Elizabeth Porter
Brother: Paul Porter Gates
Brother: James Norman Gates

Occupation: Loving mother and housewife. In the 40's she was a licensed hairdresser. She loved her children, her home and her gardens.
Found: 3 Comm. Mass. Hairdressers Licenses 1939, 1940, 1941

Residence: (Main Street Acton, Ma), (Southbridge, Ma), (Harvard Road, Shirley, Ma), (Wilde Road, Shirley, Ma), Great Road, Shirley, Ma

Notes (son Jim):
        Dad was originally Roman catholic and left that faith to be with Esther (protestant) in church on Sundays. He and Mum came to believe in Jesus Christ as his savior at a "fish fry" held by the Songtime radio ministry late spring 1969. They both became faithful followers of Jesus until their deaths. Esther became ill with congestive hart failure. She had been in a nursing home for a short time and we expected her to return home any time. She began to fail and was moved to the hospital. There she suffered several heart attacks. She wished not to be ventilated. She went home to be with her lord Jesus quietly and at peace in her sleep, February 9th, 2002, not long after celebrating her life with her surviving son Jim, his wife, and her pastor.