Born: February 11, 1907, Revere, MA
Died: May 19, 1987 (2nd heart attack), Shirley, MA
Buried: Shirley Village Cemetery, Shirley, Massachusetts, beside his wife Esther Elizabeth (Gates) Deering
Wife: Esther Elizabeth (Gates) Deering
Married: January 20, 1940, Acton, MA
Joseph L. Deering and Esther E. Gates were married by Rev. Arthur H. Wilde in the home of Dr. Paul P Gates, Central Street, West Acton, Ma., on January 20, 1940
Conversion to Christianity: June 1969

        Father: Joseph Francis Deering
        Mother: Catherine Marilla (Hammond) Deering

        Son: Ronald Joseph Deering
        Son: James Porter Deering

        Brother: Ronald Christie Deering
        Sister: Margaret Lorena (Deering) Welch
        Sister: Flora Josephine (Deering) Leonard

Education etc.:
        Grade school, High School, Revere, MA
        Boston Institute of Fine Arts, Boston, MA
        Army National Guard, F Troop, 110th Cavalry
        Fitchburg State Teachers College, Fitchburg, MA

        Carpenter Instructor, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Shirley Industrial School for Boys, Shirley, Massachusetts; Retired 1968
        Also a licensed (Comm. of Mass.) Projectionist
        Boston First Interceptor Command, Aircraft Warning Service, US Army Civilian Observer #527433
        Town of Acton, MA, Division of Civilian Defense - Qualified National Defense Fireman
        Town of Shirley, MA Special Police Officer
        4-H Instructor
        Board member - Shirley, MA Troop-1, Boy Scouts of America
        Sexton, United Church of Shirley, MA
        Town Building(s) caretaker


        Born at 363 Mountain Ave., Revere, MA
        12 S. Genesee Street, Revere, Ma,
        1042 Main Street, Southbridge, Ma (1940)
        Shirley Industrial School for Boys, Harvard Road, Shirley, Ma (1941-1953)
        Shirley Industrial School for Boys, Wilde Road, Shirley, Ma (1953-1968)
        177 Great Road, Shirley, Ma (1968-1987)

Notes (from son Jim):
        Joe died in Esther's arms after suffering a 2nd heart attack while mowing his front lawn with Esther. He collapsed and she held his head in her lap, while on the ground, as he died. Dad was originally Roman catholic and left that faith to be with Esther (protestant) in church on Sundays. He and Esther came to believe in Jesus Christ as his savior at a "fish fry" held by the Songtime radio ministry in August of 1969. They both became faithful followers of Jesus until their deaths.

Public Spirit - Ayer, Massachusetts - Obituary:

Joseph Lewis Deering, 80, of Great Road, died May 19, 1987 at The Nashoba Community Hospital in Ayer.

Born in Revere, Mass., February 11, 1907, son of the late Joseph Francis and Catherine Marilla (Hammond) Deering.

He is survived by his wife Esther (Gates) Deering.

He leaves two sons; Ronald J. Deering of West Townsend, James P. Deering of Shirley; one sister, Flora Leonard of Everett and three grandchildren.

He graduated from The Art Institute of Boston, attended Fitchburg State College and retired after 30 years from the Shriely Industrial School for Boys where he was an instructor in woodwork and carpentry.

He was sexton and member of the United Church of Shirley and served with Troop F of the 110th Massachusetts National Guard Cavalry. He also served as a committee member of the Shriely Boy Scouts for thrity years, and the 4H Club as a leader, and a lifetime member of the Shirley Rod + Gun club.

A memorial service was held at the United Church of Shirley on May 22. Burial was in the Shirley Village Cemetery. Rev. Dale McQueen officiated.

Donations in his memory may be sent to the United Church of Shirley Memorial Fund.

Compiled from Ayer "Public Spirit" (February 1987 - last week) and other sources.


He held a Commonwealth of Massachusetts Firearm License H 382564
He held a Commonwealth of Massachusetts License to Carry Firearms B48843
He was 5'10", 175 lbs, Blue Eyes, Brown hair (red-brown) beard

Morton and Rossi(e) Johnson (21 Crest Ave., Lunenburg, MA) lived in an apartment when we lived in ISB Cottage #2, Harvard Rd, Shirley MA.

Arcraft Warning Service
U.S. Army
Observer #527433

Joseph L. Deering and Esther E. Gates were married by Rev. Arthur H. Wilde in the home of Dr. Paul P Gates, Central Street, West Acton, Ma., on January 20, 1940
Present at the wedding were (recorded):
June Kimball - cousin of Esther
Ronald F. Deering - brother of Joe
Catherine M. Deering - mother of Joe
Flora Leonard - sister of Joe, future wife of Donald Leonard (not present)
Joseph L. Deering - father of Joe
William J. Brenner -
Ronnie R. Brenner -
Katherine A. Smith -
Margaret Deering - sister of Joe
Emrick P. Gates - father of Esther
Nellie E. Gates - mother of Esther
Paul N. Gates - brother of Esther
James N. Gates - brother of Esther
Ethel Gates - Wife of Paul N. Gates
Virginia Fowler - future wife of James N. Gates
Judy Gates (baby daughter of Paul and Ethel Gates)
Mrs. Alden Flagg - Neighbor
Lena H. Kimball -
Alden Flagg - Neighbor
Janet Flagg - Neighbor
Mrs J. Locker -
Thomas Welch - future husband of Margaret Deering
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ashworth
Mrs. Costello - Violinst

Custodian at the United Church of Shirley
Custodian at the Hazen Public Library of Shirley
Custodian at the Town of Shirley Municipal Building

Worked with Archie Patterson, Jerald Jubb, and many others shoring up and then digging under the United Church to place 7 Sunday School rooms there.

Served on several committies at the United Church of Shirley

Pre-war and early during WWII a member of the National Defense Firemen, Division of Civilian Defense in Acton, Ma.

January 1987 hospitalized at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital for a severe myocadial infarction requireing CPR.

April 27, 1987 Wide excision of Merkle cell tumor, right temple area, and right cervical lymph node biopsy.

May 4, 1987 The biopsy report reveals that the patient has an undifferentiated malignant tumor consistent with Merkel cell tumorof the right temple area and the lymph node appears to be metastatic Merckel cell tumor.

In a note to Esther, his wife, United Church of Shirley Moderator, Leone H. Noddin wrote on the awarding of the "13th Apostle" award to Joe:
"...As a church member for over 20 years now, I will always remember Joe's smiling face as he helped others; whether it be in cleaning, helping set up tables, helping others clean up the kitchen after coffee hour or in hundreds of other ways -- sometimes just lending an ear while someone got something 'off his / or her chest' that was bothering them. -- The body of the church was very fortunate to be able to share the many years Joe spent with us. The people in the church are finer people for having known him. Thank you for sharing him with us." - May 27, 1987

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Department of Public Safety
Motion Picture Machine Operator's License #25
Shirley Industrial School for Boys
Issued July 1, 1970

Dad had been Projector Operator for ISB since the late 1950's



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