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Ayer Junior-Senior High School - 1965

"Being the Legend of Arthur, King of England"

Based on "The Once and Future King" by T. H. White

Presented by special arrangement with Tams-Witmark Music Library, New York


Directed by Mr. John Carton



The time is the Sixth Century - either more, or less, or exactly.



Scene One          A hilltop near Camelot - A long, long time ago.

Scene Two          Near and quite far - Immediately following.

Scene Three       The Queen's Room - Five years later.

Scene Four         The Country side near Camelot - A few months later.

Scene Five          A park near the castle - Immediately following.

Scene Six           The Castle - Evening, two months later

Scene Seven       Near the jousting field - The next day.

Scene Eight        The jousting field - Immediately following.

Scene Nine         The Castle - Early evening, the same day.

Scene Ten          The Great Hall - Immediately following.



Scene One          The castle - A few years later.

Scene Two          The castle - Late afternoon, one month later.

Scene Three        A forest near Camelot - The next day.

Scene Four         The forest of Morgan Le Fey - Immediately following.

Scene Five          A corridor of the castle - That night.

Scene Six           The Queen's chamber - Later that night.

Scene Seven       Camelot - Immediately following.

Scene Eight        A battlefield in France, a month later - Pre-dawn.



(In order of appearance)


Sir Dinadin                                 Michael Denault

Sir Lionel                                   Richard Aborjaily

Merlin                                       Tracy Emerick

Arthur                                       Mr. W. Barry McNiff

Guenevere                                 Cindy Baker

Nimue                                       Maryse Tate

Page I                                       Stephen Snyder

Page II                                      Robert Greiner

Page III                                     James Barclay

Lancelot Du Lac                          Joseph Michaud

Squire Dap                                 Richard Bebout

King Pellinore                             Mr. Ernest LeBlanc

Horrid                                        Lady Maude-Carmen

Lady Anne                                  Beth Riley

Lady Margaret                             Kathy Mahoney

Sir Sagamore                              James Day

Sir Bliant                                    Samuel Slarskey

Sir Congreveance                         Ralph McMillan

Sir Gulliam                                 David Tucker

Mordred                                     Jack Denault

Morgan Le Fey                            Susan Jahn

Narrator                                     Samuel Slarskey

Tom of Warwick                          Stephen Dancause


Members of the Court of Arthur

Cathy Sowa, Jean Gaylor, Deborah Doran, Claudia Nebel, Linda McDowell, Beverly Smith, Artie Lewis, Bernice Rogers, Lois Guthrie, Margaret Winchester, Kathleen Wood, Barbara Brand, George Minott, Howard Hatch, Harold Sanderson, Raymond Wise, Richard Schofield, Donald Winslow, Steven Blodgett, John Davies, Philip Oelfke, Mark McMonigle.


Members of the Court of Morgan Le Fey

Amy Snyder, Sandra Searles, Sharon Jodka, Donna Sambito, Christine Garrepy, Jean Friedrich, Parra Lydon, Carol Mento, Betty Tucker.


(Please note - The taking of photographs, motion pictures or recordings of this production if forbidden by Federal Law. Please comply.)


Staff for Camelot

Director                                     Mr. John Carton

Choreographer                            Mrs. Emily Ransom

Set Designer                               Mrs Susan Nordhausen

Original Set Conception                Mrs. Barbara Horrigan

Costume Design and Execution      Costume Service Center, Boston

Stage Manager                            Mr. William Parker

Lighting Director                         Mr. James Deering

Key Grip                                    Tracy Emrick

Wardrobe and Properties              Susan Snyder

Makeup                                      Mr. Howard L. Cook

Executive Director                       Mrs. Dorothy Lilly

Ticket Chairman                          Mrs. Barbara McGuane

Publicity Chairman                       Mr. Howard L. Cook

Hospitality Chairman                   Mrs. Yoland Greiner


The Orchestra

Harp                                          Mrs. Collette Rushford

Organ-Piano                               Mr. John Carton

Percussion                                 Mr. Anthony Hyde

Clarinet-Flute                             Mr. Richard Iannitelli

Trombone I                                Kenneth Linder

String Base                                Mr. Harry Bird

French Horn                                Mr. Donald Loud


Conn Organ through the kindness of Able Supply Co., Fitchburg



SET CONSTRUCTION - Mr. John Hobart, Allan Autino, James Hartman, Ronald Gilmartin, Joseph Michaud, Stephen Burnham, David Dutra, Kerry Ross, Carol Mosher, Donna Farrar, Shirley Williams.


SET EXECUTION - Janet Blodgett, Jackie Jurga, Donna Sambito, Howard Shortsleve.


LIGHTING STAFF - Rick Johnson, Tracy Emerick, Jack Denault.


WARDROBE and PROPERTIES - Lois Guthrie, Janice Rice, Sandra Slarskey, David Minott, Mrs. Stella Carton, Mrs. Edith LeBlanc.


STAGE MANAGEMENT - Kerry Ross, Carol Mosher, Donna Farrar, Shirley Williams.


USHERS - Susan Cass, Mary Kirby, Jean Pope, Glenda McMonigle, Susan Pierce, Christine Laggis, Nancy Nowokunsky, Susan Odel, Debbie Doulames, Aletta Walsh.


BUSINESS COMMITTEE - The Cast, The Melody Shop, Linda Lehman, David Maxwell, Davaid Minott, Mike Kerr, Susan Palmatier, Dean Sheets.


REFRESHMENT COMMITTEE - The Home Economics Classes, Mrs Mary Lloyd, Mrs. Annie Bridges.




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