Ayer High School Acappella Choir
Ayer High School Band
Ayer High School Pops Staged Song Productions,
Ayer Town Hall, Spring 1963

John Carton directs the Ayer High School Choir and band, also Plays the Piano for the Pops Staged Song Productions.

Recordings and Program notes:

Ayer Jr. Sr. "Spring Pops VI"
Tech Note: There's static noise throughout many of the songs - from the original recordings.

AHS A Capella Choir

01  A Little White Hen
02  Break Forth Into Joy
03  In Peace and Joy
04  Climbing Up The Mountain

AHS Band

AHS Folk Singers

AHS A Capella Choir in Productions

05  Chop Suey
06  Cool [West Side Story]
07  One Heart
08  Tonight [West Side Story]
09  Oh, What A Beatiful Morning [Oklahoma]
10  There's A Place For Me

If you know of any relevant information about any of the songs or about the performances, or about the Acapella Choir history  - Please send your information to Jim Deering at: - It will be greatly appreciated!

These Recordings were made in the Spring of 1962 the recordist is currently unknown. The microphone used was a Dynaco Type BM4 Ribbon microphone, center stage, approx 10 feet above the choirs (Property AHS Music Dept.). The Recording machine used was an Ampex 970 (c. 1960) stereo audio tape recorder (Property AHS Music Dept.) This particular model was one of the very first stereo audio tape recorders mass produced. The original 1/4 inch audio tapes were duplicated in 1964 by Jim Deering on a Roberts 770 1/4 track stereo recorder (Property Jim Deering) from which these digital recordings were made. The original recordings were left in the care of the Ayer Jr. Sr. High School Music Department. Over the ensuing 50 years Jim's copies have been in storage in various garages in various states. They have been played occasionally but full restoration has not been attempted until now (time/money/technology).


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