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Joint Choir AHS and Lunenburg HS, Ayer Town Hall, December 1961

John Carton directs the Ayer High School Choir and also Plays the Piano for the majority of numbers and Donald Adams directs the Lunenburg HS Choir.

Recordings and Program notes:

Joint Ayer High School and Lunenburg High School Choirs, Selections from the Vivaldi Gloria & Traditional Christmas: The Cherry Tree Carol

1.  Play: Vivaldi "Gloria" / Info:
2.  Play: Vivaldi "Et Terra Pax Hominibus / Info:
3.  Play: Vivaldi "Qui Tollis Peccata Mundi / Info:
4.  Play: Traditional: The Cherry Tree Carol / Info:

The AHS Folksingers - Charles Austin, Molly Harris, David Long
5.  Play: The Lion Sleeps Tonight / Info:
6.  Play: Tzena, Tzena, Tzena / Info:
7.  Play: Winds Through The Olive Trees / Info:
8.  Play: Chickens Crowin' at Midnight It's, Almost Day / Info:

Joint Ayer High School and Lunenburg High School Choirs, Selections from Traditional Christmas Carols

9.   Play: A Rose Ere Blooming / Info
10. Play: Sleep Holy Babe / Info
Play: Rock-a-my Soul In The Boosom of Abraham / Info
Play: Carol of The Birds, Orana to Christmas Day / Info
Play: Oh Lord of Heaven and Earth and Sea / Info
Play: Can Ye Sew Cushions (Lulaby) (Old English - Scotish) / Info
Play: Soft Light from a Stable Door / Info
Play: Hol de Light - Arr. Smith / Info
Play: Sleep Baby Sleep / Info

These Recordings were made in December, 1961, with Jim Deering seated at the recorder before he joined the AHS choir in the spring of 1962 as a second semester freshman. The microphone used was a Dynaco Type BM4 Ribbon microphone, center stage, approx 10 feet above the choirs (Property AHS Music Dept.). The Recording machine used was an Ampex 970 (c. 1960) stereo audio tape recorder (Property AHS Music Dept.) This particular model was one of the very first stereo audio tape recorders mass produced. The original 1/4 inch edited audio tapes were duplicated in 1974 by Jim Deering on a Roberts 770 1/4 track stereo recorder (Property Jim Deering) from which these digital recordings were made. The original recordings were left in the care of the Ayer Jr. Sr. High School Music Department. Over the ensuing 50 years Jim's copies have been in storage in various garages in various states. They have been played occasionally but full restoration has not been attempted until now (time/money/technology).

Ayer High School Acappella Choir (Heirloom, 1961) (Click for larger image)
Personnel (Click here)

Ayer High School Band (Heirloom, 1961) (Click for larger image)


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